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Member since: April 21, 2008
Last visit: July 19, 2008
Name: ~*Donielle*~
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Location: Da Best City Around..Chi- Town Bitches (Illinois)
Country: United States
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Yestaday..By M3

category: Anything | April 21 | @928 | comments comments(1)

i smile n frown everytime i think about seems like yestaday when i first met chu we hit it off like 2 peas n a pod...damn baby i seems like time passed soo fast like one min we happy da next we sad...i smile n frown when i think about chu on da inside im still hurting buh damn i think we had shit good...we was ride or die niggas....n u always will b mine...i smile n frown when i think of u cuz even tho u painin on da inside im here 4 u n i pain wit chu...i smile n frown on da inside because..i think of how u have touched my life n so many ways n how ive become better because u always made me...i frown because i hate 4 u 2 pain n i hate 4 u 2 not b happy buh i must realize that...


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M3 Again =]

M3 Again =]

Published on: 04/21/2008

m3! Oh So Sexi

m3! Oh So Sexi

Published on: 04/21/2008

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Dont Hate On Me... Jus Get Like Me

{NAmE} Donielle a.K.a D-Dizzle lol
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*BiRtHdaY* OcToBeR 21sT
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If you wanna kno mo bout cha girl...holla at me anytime..ill answer any question u got shawty...
much <3
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